A beautiful choice

Beauty should be luxurious, give the results we want, and give us a lovely and comfortable feeling of well-being. However, it should not happen at the expense of anyone or anything. That is what we believe.

Isn't it wonderful, there are so many nice brands thinking just like us!

The beauty industry is a billion crowns industry. Therefore, it is important to promote and highlight natural and organic products on the market. We are convinced that this is the only option for a sustainable future.

Beauty has become a women's health issue.

It is about how we want to effect our body's largest organ, our skin. Which consumption chain we want to support. What footprints we want to leave on our planet.


Therefore, we left our jobs at largest, oldest, and most well known organic brand in the industry in order to develop our business concept; Make a difference in women's lives and contribute to their beauty and well-being - in a natural, gorgeous and sustainable manner.

We want to spread knowledge about all the amazing benefits organic skin care and beauty has, so that more people can make a conscious choice. It is also important that consumers who have no time or desire to engage in beauty, health or environmental issues should be able to choose amazing beauty products based on completely different criteria. As mothers of teenagers, we are particularly interested in the new, trend-sensitive, consumers and want to offer them products that meet their expectations of fragrance, color and efficiency.

That is why we are offering next generation natural beauty products to the Nordic market!

Tove Svanlind and Emma Bergqvist, Founders of Tree of Brands



Tree of Brands AB