Marina Miracle is a Norwegian luxury brand with 100% natural ingredients and unique formula for those who appreciate high quality facial care. All raw material are carefully selected and has full transparency in sourcing. Nordic ingredients like cranberries and blueberries are combined with exotic plants like amaranth, avocado and pearl mousse. The products contain both Ecocert and Debio-certified ingredients.

Marina Miracle was started by Marina Engervik who suffered from severe atopic eczema and acne. When nothing seemed to help her, she took matters into her own hands. That is how the featured "miracle oil" came to be. A blend of fine vegetable oils and herbal extracts from different plants helped Marina and gave her skin what it needed.




YAG is a Swedish top quality mineral make-up brand. It contains no talk, mineral oil, bismuth, preservatives or perfume. The products provide a fantastic, sustainable result with a nice glow. The makeup is available in many shades, from nude to colorful tones. The products also fit very sensitive skin, which was a major driving force behind the development of the brand.

The products are produced in Halmstad on the beautiful Swedish west coast. Ingredients are carefully chosen and have full traceability. The products are natural and / or organic. All products are vegan.

Quality make-up for everyday luxury!

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 "YAG stands for
You Are Gorgeus, 
so don't you ever
forget it!"



Sweden's first organic intimate care series! With natural quality products and stylish design, it is an add-on to the category that feels clear and simple.

The brand includes a mild intimate oil that cleans, moisturises, and nourishes the skin and a luxurious oil for extra soft and close shave.

Both products are 100% natural and vegan, at least 94% eco, made of women for women, they are recommended by doctors and midwives and are manufactured in Sweden.




Virido Eco 

Swedish, organic, award-winning, high quality skin care. Wonderful assortment for both consumers and SPA.

The range includes lovely body butters and body scrubs, beneficial massage oils and facial products.

The products are carefully tested. All the raw materials are controlled and approved by Cosmetox. All products are 100% natural and has high level of organic ingredients of finest quality. 

There is advanced knowledge and a carefully prepared plan behind the choice of content and the composition of ingredients for each product. Everyone has their specific task to best care of the skin.

Manufactured in Sweden.




Tree of Brands AB